who am i?

My Passion. I am passionate about animation as far as I can remember.

It All Began When... I was watching a behind the scenes TV show on a sunday morning, I remember my sister saying "wow, animation is truly an art form". And since that moment I was condemned.

All my skills, all my passion, all my effort, and almost all my time, goes to improving my character animation skills.

My Story. Born and raised in Mexico City, I had no chance to study animation as a career. So I took the closest thing I could find; Graphic Design. I learned to kind of like what I was studying but I still needed to study animation.

At that time there wasn't any scholarship available for an animation program, but I found a way to earn the money in order to pay my animation degree in another country, and that was… by modelling and cheerleading for Corona (that's right, the beer).

After graduating from the university, and saving enough money, I was very lucky to study at Vancouver Film School in Canada.

Back in Mexico, I found a way to survive in the tiny and almost non-existent animation industry in my country. But I still feel that I've been chasing my tail in all this years. Now is time to move out, to travel and knock on doors for better and more challenging opportunities in the animation industry.

I don't care where I live, as long as I'm doing what I love.

Forever a Student. It never ends right? You never stop learning and growing as an artist.

So I will keep improving as long as I am alive.

My tools

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • Storyboard Pro 4
  • Adobe Flash
  • Digicel Flipbook
  • Sketchbook Pro
  • Pencil & Paper